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COVID-19 Information

Acceptet vaccinations to enter Switzerland

  • Pfizer/BioNTech (BNT162b2 / Comirnaty® / Tozinameran)
  • Moderna (mRNA-1273 / Spikevax / COVID-19 vaccine Moderna)
  • AstraZeneca (AZD1222 Vaxzevria®/ Covishield™)
  • Janssen / Johnson & Johnson (Ad26.COV2.S)
  • Sinopharm / BIBP (SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell))
  • Sinovac (CoronaVac)

Negative Test

You are not fully vaccinated and cannot prove that you have had Covid-19 disease in the last 6 months? In the following cases, you must present a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours).

States with a worrying variant

There are currently no countries on the list of countries with a virus variant of concern. The countries India, Nepal and the United Kingdom will be removed from the list as of August 4th. (04.08.2021)

If you travel to Switzerland you have to fill out the entry form >here<.

VISA Shengen EU/Switzerland & Lichtenstein

Who needs a shengen Visa?

Afghanistan Gabon Oman
Algeria Gambia Pakistan
Angola Ghana Papua New Guinea
Armenia Guinea Palestinian Authority
Azerbaijan Guinea-Bissau Philippines
Bahrain Guyana Qatar
Bangladesh Haiti Russia
Belarus India Rwanda
Belize Indonesia Sao Tome And Principe
Benin Iran Saudi Arabia
Bhutan Iraq Senegal
Bolivia Jamaica Sierra Leone
Botswana Jordan Somalia
Burkina Faso Kazakhstan South Africa
Burma/Myanmar Kenya South Sudan
Burundi Kosovo Sri Lanka
Cambodia Kuwait Sudan
Cameroon Kyrgyzstan Suriname
Cape Verde Laos Swaziland
Central African Republic Lebanon Syria
Chad Lesotho Tajikistan
China Liberia Tanzania
Comoros Libya Thailand
Congo Madagascar Timor-Leste
Cote D’ivoire Malawi Togo
Cuba Maldives Tonga
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Mali Tunisia
Djibouti Mauritania Turkey
Dominican Republic Mongolia Turkmenistan
Ecuador Morocco Uganda
Egypt Mozambique Uzbekistan
Equatorial Guinea Namibia Vietnam
Eritrea Nepal Yemen
Ethiopia Niger Zambia
Fiji Nigeria Zimbabwe
North Korea Northern Mariana’s  

Price of a Shengen-Visa

Schengen Visa Category Fee in EUR Fee in USD*
Adult 80€ 96$
Child between 6-12 years of age 40€ 48$
Child younger than 6 years of age Free Free
Holders of diplomatic, official or service passports travelling for official purposes Free Free
A family member of an EU/EEA national Free Free
Pupils, students and accompanying teachers during a school trip Free Free
Researchers travelling to perform scientific research Free Free
Nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. 35€ 42$

* The applicable visa fee in USD (US Dollar) is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice.

Validation of a Shengen-Visa

The Uniform Schengen Visa stands for a permit of one of the Schengen Area Member Countries to transit or reside in the desired territory for a certain period of time up to the maximum of 90 days every six month period starting from the date of entry.

Holder of a Uniform Schengen Visa can travel to these countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, FranceGermanyGreece, HungaryIcelandItaly, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The truth of Switzerland

Yes it`s Switzerland and no it`s not the most expensive country in this world!

I have seen some YouTube videos who shows the world how expensive Switzerland is, but they just travelled to Zurich, the most expensive city in Switzerland.

We have very good chocolate, cheese, beers and sausages for good prices.

Chocolate hot/cold or as a bar

The cheapest and best chocolate you will find it in the supermarket "Coop" and it`s called "PrixGarantie" Chocolate for just 0.8 USD and in different tastes!

The popular chocolate powder for hot chocolate is "OVOMALTINE" or "CAOTINA". My favourite is "Ovomaltine".


We have different levels of cheese, from mild to "rezent" (spicy). Yes cheese is a little bit more expensive but it`s the best cheese in the world!

The mild one - Emmentaler (The original)

The rezent - Gruyere or Appenzeller Extra


More about Switzerland below...

Traditionals of Switzerland

Swiss tradicional Sausages

In every part of Switzerland the sausages tastes different, because there are so many butchers.

Nr. 1 "Schüblig"

This sausage is my favourite. It has a rought structure, is made out of pork and tastes like heaven. It`s the largest sausage we have in Switzerland and the only one in this world!

That one in our part we call them "The original St.Gallner Schüblig".

We grill it and eat it with bread, but with the tradicional bread "Bürli", crosty and so tasty.

Nr. 2 "Servelatte" or in swiss Servela

This sausage is also one of my favourite, it`s one of the important sausage when we make Swiss-BBQ. This must be never be missing!

Nr. 3 "Bratwurst" in swiss "Brotwurscht"

Bratwurst is also a typical sausage of Switzerland, but it`s the only one whos made out of veal.

Swiss traditional food


Röschti is made from potatoes. We cook them in a pan, like a Pizza, but we cook it on both sides. To make them tastier we put bacon, herbs and cheese to it.

How to make it:

1. Cook the potatoes in water, 20min

2. Grate the potatoes

3. Mix the potatoes with bacon, herbs and with your favourite cheese.

4. Put some butter or oil into a large, flat pan.

5. Cook the "Röschti" in the pan and sweep the "Röschti", it has to be crispy on both sides!


Fondue is a dish we eat in the wintertime. There are so many types of Fondue who exists in Switzerland, in different flavours and with dofferent ingedients. No fondue without alcohol, because that's original!

The best:

- Cheesfondue with white wine (The original)

- Cheesfondue with "Moscht" (The fruity one, Swiss apple cider)

- Cheesfondue with Cherry brandy

- Cheesfondue with beer

The original brands: Gerber, Appenzeller and Gruyere


Also a cheese meal. But not only, there is also meat in that game ;)

It's like an dobledecker hot plate, at the top different types of meat and vegetables and between, the piece of cheese on a shovel which melts.

Swiss traditional drinks


Moscht is made from apple and you can have it with or without alcohol. In each part of Switzerland they have their own "Moscht" and all of them tastes different.

We drinkt "Moscht" when we eat Fondue, Raclette or at the bar.

Swiss traditional Sports


Ringen is like wrestling of Switzerland, but in a different way.

Two guys in a circle made from sand which must bring the other to the ground.

The winner of this event will receive the best bull of Switzerland.

Transportation in Switzerland

There are so many public-transportations in Switzerland, trains, buses, ships and cablecars.

At the airport of Zurich, the trainstation is in the underground of the airport and goes in every directions.

- Daytickets - You can buy daytickets at every machine or office. Price 70 Franken / 75 USD

- Saver-Ticket - You can buy your ticket online or via app. Up to 2 days before you will safe up to 50% of the regular ticket-price.

Check ticket-prices online

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Weather of Switzerland


15th of May to 31th of August

Temperatures: 15-38°C

Weather: Sunny to rainy


1th of November to 15th of February

Temperatures: -20-15°C

Weather: Rainy, fresh and snowy


01th of September to 31th of October

Temperatures: 5-15°C

Weather: Rainy, fresh


15th of February to 15th of May

Temperatures: 0-20°C

Weather: Fresh, rainy and sunny

Worst month


During this time anything can happen, because April does what it wants.

Temperatures: -5°C - 30°C

Weather: Rainy, sunny, snowy, cloudy, windy