Departemento Santa Ana

Santa Ana

The City

The city is hughe but the mainpart is very small. A park, a very nice cathedral and some small restaurants are in the center of it. Across the mainstreet there are many fruitmarkets to buy fresh fruits.


Our recommondation, Velvet Hotel - They are superfriendly, familiar and helpful.

Price per night: ~29$ per room, comfortable with hot water and A/C.


How to get there

From the "Terminal Occidente" in San Salvador, take the direct bus 201 to Santa Ana for just 0.85-1.35$ and aprx. 2h.

Lago De Coatepeque

Lago de Coatepeque is a big craterlake close to Santa Ana. 

To get there - Take the bus 220 from Santa Ana,  this bus goes directly to the front of the lake. You could also use the bus 209, but that one goes just to the top and you have to walk down to the crater for about 25min. Both of them costs 0.45$ a way. 

The last bus departures at 4pm from the crater, Restaurant El Faro, to Santa Ana.

What to do there - You could take a small boattour from the Restaurant El Faro or that one close to it. A tour costs 5$ each and takes about 45min. Don't forget your bathclothes to take a bath in the pool or lake.

Jetskies are also available and costs; 20$/15min or 35$/30min.