Ruta De Flores🌷

Start early in the morning (08:30). The selftour takes more than 8h, optimal 9.5h which includes all rides, sightseeings, cafe and having lunch!

✎ lets start the trip in....


★ Whats special?

Before you enter the citycenter go to the railroad where the church "Iglesia de Ángel" is. You will find a lot of wallpaintings, they are so nice and it's a "must catch" point.

➩ How to get there?

Take the bus 216 from the terminal in Santa Ana. It takes about 1.5h to the terminal of Sonsonate and costs 0.70$, from there take the bus 53 in direction of the park and exit at the "Iglesia de Ángel" for 0.23$.

- 300m.o.s


★ Whats special?
The most popular thing to see is the park and the market.
➩ How to get there?
Take the bus 53D from the citypark of Sonsonate for 0.25$.
- 552m.o.s


★ Whats special?
Every weekend they have a foodmarket in the center of the town. You will find good food for very cheap, 4-6$ a meal, and some souvenirshops.
➩ How to get there?
Take the bus 249 in dirrection of Ahuachapan from the mainroad for 0.75$. The bus goes into the village.
-  1042m.o.s

Apaneca 🌟

★ Whats special?
At Apaneca you will find the funpark "Laberinto de Apaneca". It's very cool and a "must do" at the "Ruta de Flores". They have two restaurants with higher prices (meals).
- 3$ for the Labyrinth
- 10$ to cicle "on line"
- 13$ zipline
➩ How to get there?
Take the bus 249 in direction of Ahuachapan and exit in front of the "Laberinto de Apaneca" for 0.50$.
- 1439m.o.s (highest point)


Whats special?
How to get there?
Catch the bus 249 to Ahuachapán again for 0.50$.
- 804m.o.s

🏆 you finally reach the final step of the "Ruta de Flores". 

From here take the directbus 🄼🄰🄿 back to Santa Ana for 0.50$. The last bus back to Santa Ana departures at 6:30pm.

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