Volcán Tajumulco (4220m.o.s.)


Duration: aprx. 5h

Level: Moderate (4/5)

Distance: ~7km

Altitude: 1200m

Weather: 0-20°C (Night/Day), fresh wind

The "Volcán Tajumulco" is the highest volcano of Central-America and has a hight of 4220m.o.s..

It`s a 2.5h ride to the starting point of the volcano (see map below). Take a chickenbus to San Pedro and from San Pedro a colectivo/chickenbus in direction of Tuichán or Tajumulco.

Warm clothes are a must, it could be very cold at the top and more if you hike up in the evening to see the sunrise. Gloves are optional, but are recommended if you hike up early in the mornig or evening!