01. Quintana Roo - Mexico

Timeline 2021/04

The takeover

Our trip began at the airport of Zurich (Switzerland). Everything had looked fantastic, after a while we took our flight with Iberia to Madrid.

At the airport of Madrid we had to go to the information. They told us to show them a return- or outgoing ticket of Mexico, so we bought a busticket from Palenque (Mexico) to Flores (Guatemala). Without a ticket, it was not allowed to enter the country.


After about 12 hours later we arrived the airport in Mexico City. It was one of the hardest flights for me, because we had to wear a mask the whole flight and arrived so early in the morning (3am).


The city "Ciudad de Mexico"

01.04.2021 - 04.04.2021

The hotel

After the controls at the airport and the ride with the cab at 5am, we arrived the hotel at the "Garibaldi Place".

Like a zombie , we walked to the reception, picks up our key and runned to the room. It was hard, but after a shower it was a little bit better, but just a little.

I get sick for the next 4 days, so I wasn`t that hungry just thirsty. No I haven`t COVID I getting the "Sickness of travelling", sometimes it happens.


The city

The city "Ciudad de Mexico"is a very large and busy city. The wind is very cold and to breath at this hight isn`t that easy, sometimes. At some places you will see the poorness of it and few meters later you will see the rich part of it.

To have a good view to the city you can buy a ticket at the "Mirador Torre de Latino" for less and you can get a perfect 360°-view of Mexico-City.


Go online everywhere

To get in contact for low we bought a "SIM-Card" of Virgin Mobile, but the connection was very bad so we bought a SIM of TELCEL Mobile, it's available in every OXXO. With TELCEL you will have a better connection everywhere. Don't buy a Virgin SIM, the connection is very bad.


I more love the landscape of Mexico, so we get to the airport of Mexico City and took a flight to Chetumal, to the south part of Mexico.

Chetumal - Mexico



We arrived in Chetumal about 2pm.

From the airport to our hotel we took a cab, it costs 150 MXN to every hotel at Chetumal and you can order it at the airport at the taxi-office.


The Hotel

After we checked in to the hotel "Fiesta Inn", we get to our room, wears on our bathclothes and walked to the pool at the upper floor. At the pool we had a perfect view to Chetumal, because it's the highest building there.


To Bacalar

From the hotel to the busstation (or airport) we payed just 30 MXN for a taxi.

At the busstation we take a bus "ADO" to bacalar and payed about 50 MXN p.p. for a 45min ride. Clean and very comfortable.

Bacalar - Mexico

05.04.2021 - 13.04.2021

At the busstation of Bacalar, the host "Ley" picked us up and drove us to her new hotel called "Casa Bakala". At the hotel she gave us a wooden room with all the basics you need.


We as volunteers

We found a "job" as volunteers in Bacalar. Together with the host, we started a project to reopen and clean a hotel and make photos at a tour in the lagun.

Since we arrived in Bacalar we have felt welcome.

We often got out for dinner but sometimes we cooked by ourself, like "Rösti" swiss-traditional food or some other creations.


The town

It`s a compact city with a lot of restaurants in the heart and around them a lot of hotels/hostels.

Swim - If you want to swim in the lagun you have to walk to the north of Bacalar, about 10min from the center. It`s a little bit to hot for me, I recommend to go to the "Cenote Azul", the water is amazing and refeshes your body. The price, just 40 MXN.

Mahahual - Mexico

13.04.2021 - 15.04.2021

To Mahahual

The ride to Mahahual from Bacalar takes about 2 hours. It`s just a straight way to Mahahual, like an unless street.


The town

It`s very nice, has a beautiful beach and a lot of restaurants. The restaurants at the beach are more expensive than the restaurants behind them and those have the same food. Fresh fish, shrimps, tacos, fajitas and a lot more. My favourite restaurant the "Camaroncito Caribeno", has a lot of fresh fish, is cheap and has a good atmosphere.

Tulum - Mexico

15.04.2021 - 23.04.2021

The town

Tulum is a very touristy city and it has a lot of Hostels, Hotels, BnB`s and restaurants. The restaurants are very good and the hotels/hostels are good too. We slept in a hotel 15min from the town and payed about 45 USD for a night.



There are many activities in Tulum.

- Visit the Piramides of Tulum

- Take a boattour to visit turtles (The price is always to high, go 40% down)

- Go to cenotes to swim, there are so many of them so don`t worry