10. Guanajuato - Mexico


06.07.2021 - 10.07.2021

From the bus-terminal to the city-center

Option 1: Take the bus in front of the terminal to the center of Guanajuato, it takes you to the "Mercado Hidalgo" and costs just 7 MXN.

Option 2: Order an UBER, price between 100 and 200 MXN per vehicle.

The village

Guanajuato is a very nice village with small streets, colorful buildings and so many restaurants.

Very special, in the underground of the village, there are so many one-way tunnels for the traffic.


Musuem of mumies - Not fare from the center, ther it is the museum of the mumies of Guanajuato. From babies to old guys from the city.

Night city-tour - Take a tour with the guides of Guanajuato. You will find them everywhere, looked like some people from the past, in middleage clothes.

They will show you the history of the village and the underground. 

Steep-train to the top/statue of Guanajuato - This train takes you to the statue, which you can see from everywhere. The trip takes just 5 minutes and costs 30 MXN.