03. Oaxaca - Mexico

Oaxaca - City

To the citycenter of Oaxaca

We flew from Merida to Oaxaca with Volaris.

To the city-center of Oaxaca it takes about 30min with the shuttle (100 MXN/per). UBER or other services aren`t available in Oaxaca, there are just thre options to the center or airport: Bus, taxi (150-200 MXN/vehicle) or shuttle (100 MXN/per).

The city

Oaxaca is a big city with a hughe market outside (10-15min walk from the citycenter) and a small one close to the center with a lot of small and good restaurants in it (all of them sells the same food). The markets are open till 5pm.

Maps: Hughe market "Mercado de abastos" and the small "Mercado de 20 de noviembre".

Sightseeing around and in Oaxaca

There are so many churches in Oaxaca, one of the most important church is the "Iglesia de Santo Domingo". There is also a good viewpoint (pic below) at the "Auditorio Guelaguetza".

About 30min ride from Oaxaca there is a very famouse place/piramide called "Monte Alban", it`s a large area with so many piramides, temples and other buildings. A place must seen!

Oaxaca - Cityview
Oaxaca - Cityview

San Jose del Pacifico

Get ready for a roadtour

At the airport of Oaxaca, we rented a car for 11 days (280USD incl. insurance).

Our first stop was "San Jose del Pacifico", it`s about a 2.5h ride high up in the mountains with a lot of curves.

The village

In the small village, we took a cabin at "Rancho Viejo" with two beds, a fireplace and a balcony with a great view for about 1000MXN/u.

The village is very small and has some restaurants and two shops.

It could be very cold and rainy in the day and night and sometimes when it`s thunders, there is no electricity for some hours.

View from the cabin.
View from the cabin.

Puerto Escondido

A city a the pacific, humid, hot and touristic.

We slept in a hotel at the promenade of Puerto Escondido, for one night. The hotel has his own pool, which wasn`t amazing to swim in, because it was toooo hot.

The beach is close to the promenade and is a paradies for surfers and swimmers, hughe waves and a large beach.

Every night there is a market at the promenade, to buy some souvenirs and food. At this time, they close the street.