04. Chiapas


30.05.2021 - 01.06.2021

Tuxtla is the maincity of the state of Chiapas. It`s a big city but there isn`t much to see in it, just around Tuxtla, there are so many sightseeings.



There are two park which I recommend you mostly...


"Cascada el Agaucero"

My favourite. It`s an amazing waterfall to swim and shower in. At the parking there are sooooooo many stairs down to the waterfall and it takes about 30-45min, but to get up it takes much longer!


"Parque Nacional of Canon del Sumidero"

Close to Tuxtla and it is a hughe canon, similar to the "Grand Canyon", but there is more green.

You can drive to the top or you take a boattour trought the river.

Fees and prices

Parkentrance-fee: 50MXN

Boattrip: 200MXN + 50MXN Parkentrance-fee* (Starts at these points: Point 1 / Point 2)

*Hold the bracelet for your next trip; boattrip or drive-in

Cascada el Chiflon

01.06.2021 - 02.06.2021

We drove from Tuxtla to the waterfalls "Cascada el Chiflon" of San Vicente. The way to this place could be a little bit curvy and in one place a little bit dangerouse.

The waterfalls are so amazing, ther are three of them and we walked to every of them. The walk/hike to the last waterfall takes about 2 h.



There is a hotel in the park, for about 850MXN per night (3 person). It closes at 9pm and there is no reservation needed! It`s very save, because you need to cross a gate.


The dangerouse city

To cross the city "San Francisco el Calvito", you have to pay some articles at the shops at the street with a minimum value of 50MXN. Just say "Una bolsa con articulos de 50MXN", bring it to the other spends <<here>> in the opposite of the street and sign your name into the book. You have to do that, if not they don`t let you out of the city!

Status 01.06.2021
Status 01.06.2021

San Cristobal

02.06.2021 - 04.06.2021

The city

It`s the most beautiful city in Chiapas! The buildings are very colorful, there are so many restaurants and bars at the pedestrian zone.