07. Tamaulipas - Mexico


The city

The city is hughe, has a large lake with crocodiles in it, a nice small city-center and a beach.

In the center there are shops, restaurants and some parks to relaxe. There are also some nice buildings for taking photos.


Laguna del Carpintero - A big lake in Tampico with some viewpoint, some leguans and crocodiles. Walk at the left side of the laguna, the promenade is more beautiful and there are so many places to watch the animals.


Boattour - Make a boattour to the Laguna, starting from "this" point.

The beach - fare away but it's nice.

You can catch a bus/shuttle everywhere, just hold out your hand and they stop!

Bus/Shuttle from the citycenter to the beach.
Bus/Shuttle from the citycenter to the beach.