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Timeline 2021/05

Merida - Mexico

24.04.2021 - 24.05.2021

Chetumal to Merida

We went to Merida by bus from Chetumal, it tooks about 6 hours to Merida. The drive with the ADO-Bus was very comfortable, much more than in other countries. So the time went so fast, we didn`t realize that we are already in Merida.

6 hours of jungle and dry places, just small villages hace been at this route and one stop in "Jose Mario Morelos".

The apartement

We rented an apartement for a month and we payed 7500 MXN for the apartement  plus 700 MXN for the cleaning.

The apartement has a kitchen, one bathroom, a TV, a couch and a balcony. There is also a pool to share with other travellers (3 more apartements), it`s very important to have a pool here in Merida, because it`s hot all day long and in the middle of the day you have to cool down.

Take transportation

There are many ways to go to your destination.

By UBER, Cabify, Taxi or inDriver (my favourite).

With a taxi you pay a minimum of 50MXN, but it`s cheaper than UBER in the afternoon. With inDriver you can set up your own price and there are sooooo much drivers available, more than UBER and Cabify together, much more.

Sightseeings in Merida