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Currency: Guatemalan Quetzal
Language: Spanish
Capital: Guatemala City
Price level: $$

COVID-19 Entry regulations

All travelers must present a negative COVID-19 test result issued no later than 72 hours prior to departure. (Transit and entry)

Price for antigen test: 275Q

Visa Guatemala

Visa exempt for stays of up to three months. The traveler must:

  •     Hold a valid passport for six months after the departure date
  •     Keep proof of sufficient funds
  •     Have proof of onward / return flights
  •     Have all the documents you need for your next destination ready
  •     Check the latest vaccination requirements at:

ATM comparison Guatemala

There are not many ATMs in Guatemala and each machine has roughly the same withdrawal fee. Max. withdraw 2000Q

Bank BI (Banca Industrial): 32 Q (4 USD)

ATM 5B: 45 Q (~5 USD)

ATM BAC: 39.65 Q

Prices of Guatemala

Compared to Mexico, Guatemala is a little more expensive and a lot more expensive in terms of electronics.

Transportation Guatemala

At the airport

There are several options from the airport to the city. However, if you arrive without internet, these are limited to two options.

Option 1: Taxi to town 80Q costs around € 8. No money, no problem. Since it is not always possible to organize money at the airport, the taxi drivers are also ready to approve a stop at an ATM on the way to the hotel (no extra charge).

Option 2: take the bus. The only question is where are these going? It costs nothing to ask!

Buses in Guatemala

Alamo - This buses drives directly to Quetzaltenango. Guatemala city to Quetzaltenango (Xela), 4h ride for 80 Q. >Karte<

It`s permitted to drink and eat in the buses!


XELABUS - These buses departs 10m next to the Alamo busstation and are more comfortable. Price: 100Q >Karte<

Go online - Guatemala

SIM card comparison

There are two providers that are recommended.

TIGO - Tigo offers the best network coverage in the whole country and is priced the same as Claro. Limited calls to Guatemala and the USA. For the first 24 hours, 350MB, 500 SMS, 90min USA and 200min Guatemala are available free of charge.
Package prices:
- 15 days: 50Q 4GB / 200min / unlimited social media
Download - TIGO App *

Claro - Claro's network coverage is limited to the Guatemala City and Quezeltango (Xela) region, but offers 1GB of internet and unlimited calls to the US and Guatemala.
Package prices:
- 15 days: 50Q 5GB / unlimited calls to Guatemala and USA / unlimited social media

* Jegliche Haftung für Downloads auf dieser Plattform wird zurückgewiesen.

Mail Prices - Guatemala


Quetzaltenango (Xela) - Europe

15kg - 2700Q