Bocas del Toro (Panama)


Playa Bluff
Playa Bluff

Bocas del Toro is a small village on the island "Isla Colon". We came there by plane from Panama City.


In the village there are some restaurants, but also in the hotels outside of the city which are more comfortable and more delicious.

For activities you can find a lot of offices in the city and you can book them also in your hotel. The most booked tour is the boat tour for 30$ they will show you some beautiful places, dolphines, seastars, sloths and beautiful beaches.


We stayed in a hotel at the Playa Bluff, it's about 20min from the village. There are some buses and taxis which are driving to there, but also to the other side of the island. The price for a taxi is 15-20$ and for the public bus ~3$.

Boat tour in Bocas del Toro