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Mazatlan, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexico


We are Pascal and Aline, globetrotters, explorer and open people to visit new places and cultures on this beautiful world.

It doesn`t matter were we're going, everywhere is something new to explore or someone new to have a drink with. We love to share our new experiences to everyone who`s looking for some ideas and tips for their next trips. Even if you decide to stay at home or be unable to do things like this, we always keep you in touch with the world around us. ;)


<< This page is not a blog it's a page full of information about every country on world we travelled trought >>


We like to stay for more than just a day in a country or city, we stay as long as possible and if we like it, than for a couple of days more. We are not aiming worldrecords, it's to stressfull and makes no fun at all, we like more to explore and meet some new friends around the world.

All information at this page comes from personal experience, not from others!


Next Stop

Domenican Republic

We will show you some more photos of an island in the carribean sea. We explore the whole country and if it's possible we'll cross the boarder to Haiti. Let us see what happens next.


INFO: we haven't crossed the boarder to Haiti. Haiti hasn't a president right now, so it's very dangerouse to travel into Haiti. Kidnapping is happening and you don't know if it happens to you too. 

Latest Traveldates - One Year

Visited Countries Ranking Pros Cons Importants
Mexico 2 Food variety, activities, local food Over-touristy places Cancun & Playa del Carmen  
Guatemala 1

Fresh air, food variety

and quality at the supermarket,

variety of activities

Local food (fried chicken) Dangerouse dogs at night!
Honduras 5 Cheapest place to dive Friendlyness, food Spanish required!
Belize 4 Nice diving places Price, extreme high tourprices

Avoid Belize City


El Salvador 3 Less tourists Hotelvariety  

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