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Mazatlan, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexico


We are Pascal and Aline, globetrotters and  explorers. A couple who visit new places and cultures on this beautiful world.

It doesn`t matter were we're going, everywhere is something new to explore or someone new to have a drink with. We love to share our new experiences to everyone who`s looking for some ideas and tips for their next trips. Even if you decide to stay at home or be unable to do things like this, we always keep you in touch with the world around us. ;)


** This page is not a blog, it's a page full of information about every country on world we have been travelling trought **


We like to stay for more than just a day in a country or city, we stay as long as possible and if we like it, than for a couple of days more. We are not aiming worldrecords, it's to stressfull and makes no fun at all, we like more to explore and meet some new friends around the world and visot them as soon as possible.

All information at this page comes from personal experience, not from others!


Comming Up

March 2024

USA - 21 days

We have been invited to an indian wedding, friends who came to switzerland to tell us about the invitation.

We are very happy to join their wedding and also happy to join time with them.

Thanks to you!

September 2024

Japan - 21 days

3 weeks of pure adventure and relaxing in Japan.

Hiking up vulcanos, swimming in hot springs, sharing culture, walking trought parks, eating in their streets and shopping. It's not gettibg borring.

Last Trip

September 2023

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Memories of 2021

Thank you for all these cool moments. We never forget you ;)

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