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10.07.2021 - 15.07.2021

Guadalajara - Zones
Guadalajara - Zones

The city-center

The city is very hughe and has a lot of districts. At some places are just restaurants, in an other zone are local shops and restaurants and at least sightseeings. All these districts of Guadalajara are shown on the map at the top.


Tequila-tour -  A high end tequila-tour to the city Tequila with the luxury train "Jose Cuervo Express" starting in Guadalajara. The price starts from 2400 MXN "Express-Wagon" and ends at 3300 MXN "Elite-Wagon".

There are just two dates each month and they start at 9am. The trip takes about 11 hours. Book here


Buses from Guadalajara to Mazatlan

There are so many buses to Mazatlan. The prices starting from 450 to 780 MXN. The cheaper buses takes much longer, leaves really late 8:30pm and arrives very early 2am.

If you want to save money and drive comfortable, go to THIS point and buy your ticket directly there. So you get 25% off your ticket with TAP bus.

Guadalajara - Rio Grande de Santiago
Guadalajara - Rio Grande de Santiago